Airline IBE-GDS Integration

Global Distribution System (GDS) is an automated network which gives a solitary platform for reserving airline seats, rental cars, hotel rooms, train tickets and other travel related services. Global Distribution System (GDS) is utilized by common users, travel agents, online reservation websites and so forth. Global Distribution System (GDS) is multipurpose booking software which serves different purposes like multiple search criteria, total price estimation, check rates, availability, booking confirmation and complete back office integration.

In today's world with increased utilization of computers and introduction of websites has boost up Global Distribution System (GDS) to a great extent with a huge number of individuals accessing GDS system for booking purposes and booking transactions. Global Distribution System (GDS) is playing a major role in sales channel for Internet booking through different booking web sites. Numerous transactions are carried out through Global Distribution System (GDS) which has made great impact on travel industry, commercial airlines and hotel booking services. Consumer portals offer all vital information on airline fares with the assistance of the data provided by GDS. Global Distribution System (GDS) provides answer to all booking related queries of clients across the world. GDS provides instantaneous solutions for queries like booking fares, airline fair details for various competitive airlines, complete report including departure times, flight direction and connections. GDS equips with key data to the client throughout the booking procedure.

Benefits of using the Global Distribution System

  • Easy to integrate
  • Round the clock accessibility  of booking services
  • Expansion of market reach
  • Enhance your distribution network
  • Increased online sales
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Connects to various platforms and information sources

Fortune Innovations Montreal’s GDS Integration Service

Fortune Innovations Montreal is one of the best service providers of Global Distribution System in Canada. We offer our best and excellent services to travel agencies portal website development and GDS system development. Our skilled and experienced GDS developers have sound knowledge to develop Internet Booking Engines (IBE). We have already developed various Internet booking engines (IBE) and integrated with various GDS for our clients which has created a remarkable history. Fortune Innovations Montreal provides various IBE development and GDS integration services to our clients in Montreal and across the world. We offer one stop GDS solution to our customers as per their requirements. We provide services with different accessible modes of operation (Online, B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc). Our services include website development on various CMS/ Online Travel Portal development services, website-designing services, IBE Development and GDS integration services and SEO services.

Fortune Innovations Montreal offer services through various premier GDS Systems like Sabre , Amadeus, Travel Port , Galileo, Worldspan, Hotwire , Travelocity, Expedia , Travelweb, Tripadvisor, Abacus and Navitaire. As a leading GDS integration provider Fortune Innovations Montreal ensure that we provide most efficient and effective services to our clients. We have provided many complex GDS integrated system for our clients which results in best online booking experience ever. Our customized GDS application has helped our customers with eye-catchy and powerful travel booking systems which enables them to do online booking. Fortune Innovations Montreal with complete understanding of entire major Global Distribution System (GDS) has been successful in providing excellent application development services to our customers. Our GDS integrated system enhances user experience to achieve information related to travel time, seat availability, ticket fares and time-tables. Fortune Innovations Montreal is flexible to client requirement and provides various GDS integrated services such as GDS for Hotel, GDS for Travel and GDS for Airline etc.

Features of Fortune Innovations Montreal’s GDS system

  • Easy to access information
  • Multiple online booking in single time
  • Live data,  ticket pricing and availability
  • Accelerated response time to query
  • Perfect virtual business for travel industries like airlines, hotels and car rental system to showcase their best.
  • Provides accurate and efficient data
  • Distribute content and channel management


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