How to Recover Your WordPress Website When it is Hacked?

Though WordPress is one of the most popular CMS available, the platform is so vulnerable to attacks as well. Most of the WordPress users find it very difficult to get it solved when their site is attacked by virus, malware or when it is hacked. But don’t worry if you have failed to prevent your website from being hacked as you can recover it. Here’s what you can do to recover your site when it is hacked.

Data Backup

If you haven’t suffered any security problems on your site and have never backed up your site, it’s the high time to do it. As soon as the data is backed up, the first thing you need to do is to restore the backed-up data. The reason being, when your site is hacked, there are some chances of spiteful code getting stuck in lots of files in the source code. It’s really time-consuming to find each file and recover them. So just forget about that and follow these steps:

  • Start with deleting all the files and the database source code.
  • Restore the redundant data and apply basic security methods while limiting local hacks.
  • Whether you own a smaller site or a huge one, data backup is an important thing you need to consider to keep your site secured.

We can’t say that the backed up data is safe; it may also contain the malware. So it would be great if you make use of any commercial malware detecting tools like 6Scan Basic or Sucuri that helps you scan the malware source. Once the tool finds out the source of malware, you can remove it with the help of a technician. Particularly, you need to check the file named .htaccess if it has any malicious code.

Check-ups after restoring the backed-up data

You don’t have to be too subjective after restoring the backed up data; you may land in trouble again. You just have to closely monitor the website after the restoration to be sure that the website is safe. In WordPress, WP Security Audit Log and WP Changes Tracker are the tools to manage this.       

Here are a few tips that could help you protect your websites:

  • Don’t ever set your username as admin or anything similar to that.
  • Make sure you choose a complicated password; it’s advised to use any password creating tools like StickyPassword, LastPass or others.
  • Avoid using commercial plugins or themes that can be downloaded freely from unknown sites.
  • Block those countries having more number of hackers in the world.
  • It’s safe to use iThemes Security plugin.
  • Close the site as soon as you realize the presence of malware.
  • Don’t CHMOD files up to 775 or 777. Let 755 be the highest.
  • Avoid using a theme/ plugin that uses timthumb.php

These are a few simple things you can do when your WordPress website has been hacked.

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