4 Important Points You Need to Understand from Mobile Web Behaviour

12 October 2015

Montreal: Today, smartphones have become so enormous that almost 80% of all the online Adults own a smartphone and is also expected that there would be 6.1 billion smartphone users over the globe by 2020. People are using mobile devices for accessing emails, sending text messages, browsing, social networking, playing games, watching videos, getting directions and many other purposes. While mobile devices are becoming omnipresent, it’s very important for web analysts to understand mobile web behaviour and the way the users are interacting with websites.

Here are 4 important points you need to understand from mobile web behaviour.

  1. Content Length: It’s very clear that the mobile users are being constantly active; so the analysts can analyse the mobile usage habits and optimize the website content for mobile visitors. According to a research, the articles that take about 7 minutes to read would be ideal. Of course it’s just the peak of trend, and a good article can be of any length. But the search engines usually judge the value of your information based on ‘time to long click’ metric. The time tells search engine that the content has provided some value to the users.
  2. Visitor Involvement: Understanding the visitor involvement helps us to keep our site optimized for the users. The structure of a website plays a huge role in understanding the visitor attention. If any page in a website lacks visual hierarchy, it would be very difficult for a user to understand what’s happening. One great way to capture the attention is with original graphics and design elements.
  3. Brand Trust: If you want people to sign up for your service, you need to build your brand trust. They must trust your brand and believe that there is something for them in your app or website. With the newsletter registrations, you can make the users clear about the benefits they get by registering with you. Also, make them understand that they will be able to opt out of the service as and when they need.
  4. User Journey Videos: If you are not using video contents on your website, it’s the high time to start. It’s always the low-cost options like blogging and educational series that provide you the great results. You can start building your YouTube channel and embed videos across your site. Once the videos are in place, you can evaluate their position in the layout.

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