8 Excellent Instant Messaging Apps for Android

5 December 2014

Montreal: The revolution of messaging services has made it clear that chatting is not just sending text messages anymore. Nowadays the messaging apps have become veritable social networks with profile pages, media comments, status updates and sharing capabilities. Few apps also support voice conferencing and video calling facilities. People now are very much concerned about privacy during chatting, so a new adjunct of secure messaging apps is getting trendy.

Instant messaging apps are the apps which let us message someone and receive the messages back instantly. With the increasing growth in smartphones uses and mobile internet technology, plenty of instant messaging applications have come to the Android market.

Below mentioned are the 8 best instant messaging apps for Android:

1. WhatsApp: As Facebook has paid a gigantic amount of $19 billion for WhatsApp recently; it definitely has to be on top of the list. It’s a huge messaging app with stupendous features which has made users fall in love with it.

  • WhatsApp is doubtlessly the most favored and well known messaging app which lets you send messages over the mobile internet signal or Wi-Fi.
  • It covers almost all the basic messaging like sending text messages, photos, videos and also voice messages.
  • It works with your mobile number and doesn't require any usernames, pins and passwords.
  • It is custom-built and very easy to use as it connects through your mobile number.

2. Kik messenger: Having more than 80 million users, Kik is another messaging app which can't be disregarded easily. Similar to WhatsApp, it is also a cross platform app with several nifty features.

  • Kik has many similarities to WhatsApp as you can have group chats, send photos, videos and more. More fascinating features comprise downloadable emoticons and south park characters.
  • It also lets you create and send different memes or photo bombs to your friends.
  • In Kik, you don’t have to share your mobile number or email id; it lets you create your account just by giving a username.

3. Skype: Earlier, it was very prominent on desktops. But now, Skype is gaining a lot of exposure after it’s been sold to Microsoft. Skype is probably the eminent and best video calling app one can find.

  • Skype is not just restricted to video calls and voice calling service. Like all messaging apps Skype also supports sending text messages and media files.
  • You can get connected to Skype with a dedicated username and password or also you can use your existing Microsoft account.

4. Facebook Messenger: This app lets you get connected to Facebook, where you will be having the majority of your friends, coworker and family people.

  • It connects you to Facebook chat feature allowing you to send messages instantly to your Facebook contacts. It also supports sending media files and voice messages.
  • In this app, you can also use usual Facebook smileys and also the stickers featuring bigger smileys and cute kitties.

5. IM+: It is not an exclusive messaging service like WhatsApp, Kik, Skype or others. But, IM+ is a combination of various social accounts such as Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and more.

  • IM+ is built-in with smarter features like a master password, online notifications and favorite contacts.
  • Like all other messaging apps, IM+ also lets you send media files like pictures, audio and video. But in this app, you need to upload the files to IM servers, and later a link to that file is sent.

6. GO SMS Pro: It is a comprehensive SMS app with customizable features.

  • In this application, chat threads are laid out in bubbles.
  • It comes with plenty of Emojis and custom smileys which can be used to depict your feelings.
  • The more interesting feature of this app is that you can schedule your messages to be sent; so that you don’t have to be awake to wish your friends on any special occasion’s late-night.
  • Being highly customizable; it lets you have different tones, vibrate patterns and icons to recognize the contacts without even looking at the phone.

7. Line: Line is gaining more popularity with its recently added video calling functionality. Line is as brim-full as Skype, but has a youthful feel when compared to Skype.

  • It also supports timeline, group chats, recorded voice messages, media sharing and more.
  • It’s bundled with lots of stickers, smileys and other stuff.

8. Hangouts: Google has set up ‘Hangouts’ as the standard messaging app for Android 4.4 KitKat.

  • It is a combined IM and SMS app which separates the types of messages.
  • As it manages both SMS and IM, it reduces the number of apps you need to be working on.
  • It also supports location sharing, video calling, media sharing and more.

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