Is Apple Planning Something BIG for iPhone 7?

29 September 2015

Montreal: With the release of the much awaited iPhone 6S Plus, Apple has also given a hint for iPhone lovers about its next release, iPhone 7. As iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were released very recently, we can’t expect its next release before 2016 September. Of course, it’s pretty long time, but the rumors about the new features and specifications of iPhone 7 have already started to hover around. The features indicate that the new device could be extremely powerful and a significant departure from the previous model.

Here are a few enticing features of iPhone 7 that are hovering as rumors:

  1. Infrared: Infrared control is not new for mobile devices; we’ve already seen smartphones like Galaxy S5 and S6 having a built-in infrared blaster that allows the device to be used as a universal remote. But Apple is yet to include this feature to its devices and it finally seems to be included in iPhone 7. This feature makes a lot of sense as Apple is planning to bring its television set in the near future.
  2. Wireless charging: As phones are getting smarter and smarter, the battery life of the devices has been a major concern for the users, and wireless charging could be a feature that makes the users happy. This is relatively a new technology that has recently been brought into the smartphone industry. It seems like the inclusion of wireless charging in Samsung Galaxy S6 has aroused Apple to include this technology in iPhone 7. This will definitely be welcomed by users as wireless charging along with the increased battery cells would make the device much niftier.
  3. Waterproofing: According to a new patent released in March 2015, Apple is digging out the ways to make waterproof iPhones without compromising in the design.  Apple has been promoting the health related functionality of Apple Watch strongly. Considering that smartphones are the natural companions for Apple Watch, waterproofing in iPhones make sense as the users will be able to utilize their iPhones even while swimming.
  4. Quad HD: Apple has always been providing the best mobile screens irrespective of the screen resolutions and the same seems to continue with iPhone 7 as well. As Apple had already boasted the HD resolution to be brought with iPhone 6, it has already put pressure on Apple to bring out the Quad HD variant of iPhone 7, and this will surely be welcomed by the users enthusiastically as people are becoming much concerned about the resolution.
  5. Sapphire glass: This was the feature that users were eagerly waiting for in iPhone 6 but it was never materialized. But now, as Apple Watch with sapphire glass is benefitting to a great extent, it seems that Apple would introduce sapphire glass on iPhone 7 as well. Of course it increases the production cost, but it certainly benefits the durability making it worthwhile.

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