Cortana Starts to Talk on Android and iOS Devices Too

2 June 2015

Montreal: Phone Companion is an app built into the Windows 10 platform; the app is designed to synchronize the data across multiple platforms including iOS and Android. Today, we are in a multi-device world and we keep switching between tablets, phones and PCs several times a day. We also expect the experience to be same across all the devices.

As the result, Windows platform has come up with Windows 10, enabling universal apps so that the people using Windows 10 on both their PC and smartphone will get a seamless and optimal experience across their devices. The Windows platform is also aware that there are several users on iOS and Android platforms as well. It wants them also to enjoy the Windows experience when they are away from their Windows 10 PC and hence it brought out the Phone Companion app which synchronizes data across multiple platforms. 

Windows 10 Phone Companion

  • Windows 10 Phone Companion is an application which is expected to be launched within next few weeks. Basically, the app works like a hub for users’ mobile devices on Windows 10 PC. When the app is set, the mobile devices can be added to it and the information can be synchronized cross the devices.
  • If the device is running on windows platform, it can simply be added into the app. But if the devices are of other platforms, they require Microsoft apps like Xbox Music, Office, OneNote or Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana for them to be installed.
  • This strategy of Microsoft being nice to its competitors in the market is not only a .good strategy but also a necessary one. It can’t just ignore iOS and Android platforms that control wide area of phone and tablet markets. So Microsoft is aiming to provide the apps and services to those platforms and looking for ways to make its product compatible with them.   

Innovative multi-platform strategy

  • Though this multi-platform strategy seems to be very innovative, the strategy also looks like the recognition of Microsoft’s earlier strategic mistakes. The company has missed the boat when it comes to owning meaningful share in mobile devices.
  • It has to either support multiple platforms or take the risk of Windows 10 becoming irrelevant to number of users and organizations.
  • This strategy is mainly designed to build on the company’s strengths. The strength includes office apps that are having a dominant position on the desktop.

Cortana to speak on other platforms

  • Expanding the digital personal assistant to other platforms could separate Microsoft from its competitors. Cortana is definitely one among the best personal voice assistants we can find today. If the behavior of the users starts to change, they start using these virtual personal assistants more regularly and there will be more chance for Microsoft to compete in that space.
  • Both Google Now and Cortana are very close in competition for top virtual personal assistant. The advantage of Siri and Cortana is their view on privacy.   

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