Deploy Various WordPress Blogs at Once

3 July 2013


Montreal: If you have one blog, setting up and launching WordPress is pretty simple. If you mean to launch a network of blogs, however it can be boring to have to install WordPress multiple times for a number of sites. Also, once you have the sites deployed, you will need to manage and maintain each one by one. The WordPress multisite feature may be precisely what you need.

With multisite, you can basically install one instance of WordPress that can spawn an infinite number of sub-sites that are connected to the main one. Just as enables users to create their own sites, you could setup your own blog creation service. On the other hand, if you want complete control of new blog creation, you can limit blog creation but still have the skill to create new sites flawlessly and easily.

Every site within your network will be a virtual site that uses either a subdomain or subdirectory, based on the settings you specify. Unlike creating a free blog, a virtual site will not really use their own directories on your server. In addition, virtual sites cannot set up their own plugins and themes, but they can activate any themes or plugins you install organizationally.

You must also recognize that these virtual sites do not have separate databases. Basically there are sites within the primary site. The only separate traits they will have are their own media uploads directories and their own distinct tables within your database.

Whether you are beginning a contributor-driven magazine or just want to offer a blog creation service to members of your organization, the WordPress multisite feature may be a perfect solution. For complete guidelines on installation and set up see the online WordPress documentation.

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