How Efficiently Can You Use Your Old Smartphone?

7 January 2015

Montreal: Once you buy a new phone, the next thing that hits your mind is “What to do with the old one?” Because you would not want the old phone to lie around collecting the dust. There are lots of things you could do with an old smartphone. Instead of just putting your phone to trash, it can be used in several other ways.

Below mentioned are a few ways to reuse an old smartphone.

Donate your phone for a good cause: There are several organizations like Oxfam and Amnesty which recycle old phones. Oxfam takes your old phones, refurbish them, send overseas and recycle them for cash. The cash so obtained will be used to provide textbooks, food, water, seeds and other resources in developing countries. Organizations like Oxfam and Amnesty work together with a company called Fonebank.

Use it as an external memory drive or as a media player: If an old smartphone is still left with internal and external memory, you can store music or any other files; so that it can be used as an MP3 media player or a miniature external hard drive. It can be used as a memory stick to save images, notes, music and movies. You can enjoy the music or movies without having to worry about battery drain out.

Use it as a portable GPS map: One more way to make use of an old smartphone is to utilize its GPS and use it as a portable GPS for your vehicle. All that you need to make use of this service is an application like TomTom, Sygic or others which work without internet connection. Though you can’t look up to a specific address on the go, you can download the required city maps before you start up with the journey.

Turn it into a universal remote control: Some smartphones will have a built-in infrared sensor which detects infrared rays. You can use such phones as a universal remote control whenever the remote’s battery gets down or when you lose the remote. You can control almost all the devices which you would control using an IR remote. You just need to have an app like IR 2.0 which can be downloaded for free from play store.

Make calls without a SIM: You can connect your old smartphone to the Wi-Fi and login to Skype or any voice or video calling apps to talk to your friends. You don’t require a SIM to do this; you can also make use of an app called Zello which lets you use your phone as a walkie- talkie.

Make it a smarter clock: This might seem quite obvious; using an old mobile phone as an alarm clock is an ideal way to make use of it. Because, most of you will have experienced the situation where the dead battery made you sleep for longer time skipping the alarm you had set. So now, you can browse whole night with your new phone while keeping an alarm in the old one. You can also download apps with some smarter features (E.g. Double twist alarm clock).

In addition to the above mentioned ways, your old smartphone can be used in several other ways like utilizing it as a gaming console. Instead of putting your phone into a trash, you could at least get something out of it.

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