Latest Android App from Microsoft Helps You Find its Other Android Apps

31 December 2015

Montreal: It seems like Microsoft wants to flood Google Play Store with its apps; but we can’t deny the fact that, Windows apps are relatively lesser when compared to Android apps. This is because the mobile devices are more portable and offer better connectivity, so obviously the users tend to access more of Android apps rather than Windows apps.

One more reason is that, the Windows apps can be accessed only on a PC or a Microsoft’s smartphone. So, there is very lesser number of developers who build Windows apps for different domains.

So, the lesser number of apps might be the main reason for the users taking a switch from Windows to Android platform. However, there are many reasons for it; Android users are very high in number when compared to Windows, and the developers create apps for larger audience instead of smaller one for obvious reasons. Android entered the market almost 3 years earlier than Windows, so it’s Android that enjoys a head start. Also, the decision made by developers to cater to the majority is definitely a logical one.

Microsoft Apps – An app to find an app!

It seems Microsoft started noticing the users jumping from Windows to Android, which could be the reason for it offering numerous Android apps. Yes, Microsoft is offering so many Android apps that the users need an app to find all the available Microsoft apps. ‘Microsoft Apps’ a new Android app does exactly the same. The app makes it really easy for the users to find apps like OneDrive, Xbox One SmartGlass, Bing Search and Office Suite.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to find these things on Play Store directly, but if you are new to Android and if you are struggling to find one, ‘Microsoft Apps’ can help you! The main purpose of it is to highlight the apps which the Android users don’t even know that they exist. Especially, if you are the one who’s migrated from Windows to Android, you might not be aware that the apps which you were using on Windows are also available on Android. Microsoft Apps provide you the list of apps you wish to see on Android also.

AppComparison – A Similar App

AppComparison is a quite similar to Microsoft Apps but works in a slightly different way. Here, the app allows users to check which Android apps on their phone are available on Windows platform also. This can be thought of as a strategy to attract the users back to Windows platform. The app also recommends an equivalent app that performs the same functions as in Android. However, the recommended apps are not that great. Nobody would want to leave Google Play Music for ‘CloudMuzik’.       

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