WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature is set to Trash Skype and Viber

12 February 2015

Montreal: The time has come for WhatsApp to keep its promise up. It’s been said that the app would soon launch the voice calling feature in it. Though there are no official announcements, some screenshots which got leaked recently by a Reddit user clearly say that the feature is very close to completion. The Android version of the WhatsApp application comes in two builds; the first one is the stable branch which can be found on the Play Store and the other build is directly distributed from the company’s website.

According to the reports, the updated version of WhatsApp would support voice calling feature. Though the update of service was slated in 2014 itself, the feature is yet to make its way to the users. However the changes in the interface of WhatsApp as per the leaked screenshots say that the impending feature is being laid.

WhatsApp would edge over the competitors

The leaked screenshots of the upcoming interface show us that the app is enabled with other language translations which will be displayed when a person receives the call through WhatsApp. So now, the users will not only be able to chat with those on their contact list but also can call them up without any fees being charged. With this feature, WhatsApp may edge over the competitors like Skype and Viber which already have voice calling feature.    

WhatsApp uses less bandwidth

One more advantage of using voice calling feature in WhatsApp is that it uses less bandwidth when compared to Viber and Skype. You can see some delay of few seconds when you make calls on Viber or Skype; but WhatsApp is highly optimized for voice calls and hence it offers the best performance having no delays.

Free international voice calls

In the beginning, the voice calling feature will be available only for Android and iOS users. But the Blackberry and Windows users need not be disappointed as the feature will soon make its way to these platforms too.  However the major concern in WhatsApp is the privacy as everybody in the contact list will be having access to the user. Also, offering free international calls for long term would also be expensive for the company. So Facebook is now planning to deploy ads which would generate some revenue.

There may also be the possibilities where the company would offer free calls for one year and then the users will be charged a subscription fees. Analyzing the combination of WhatsApp and Android versions, experts claim that the user will not be able to activate the voice calling facility unless they receive a call from somebody else who’s already using the voice calling feature. But the things are going to be cleared once WhatsApp launches the feature.

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