WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is Now Accessible

22 July 2014

Montreal: Initially launched as a blogging system, WordPress has come a long way from the dull old 2.0+ version to much more optimized version you see these days. Currently, it is known as dominant, supple and multifunctional software application trusted by millions of users and organizations across the globe. WordPress maintains its rapid stream of updates, constantly releasing novel, more classy versions.

Beta 1 of WordPress 4.0 is announced. With some truly cool features and improvements it is going to be a thrilling release. The core developers are now in the phase of bug fixing and documentation groundwork for the formal release in August. The article intends to illustrate you what new features we should anticipate in the subsequent release of WordPress.

Let’s get started. Here’s What’s Fresh in WordPress 4.0 Beta:

1. Preview Embedded URLs

In WordPress 4.0 visual editor an embedded video URL preview has been included. To discover that- aim to paste an embed URL of something like YouTube or Vimeo into the corresponding line in the visual editor, and after a short load you will be capable of seeing a live preview of that video. Comparing, performing the same action on the earlier versions of the podium just left a link with the editor.

2. Media Library “Grid View”

As the name implies, the feature enables us viewing a media library in a grid view besides the current list view. Clicking on an item takes you into a modal window where you can observe a bigger view and edit information about that attachment without leaving the main Media Library screen. It makes it a lot simpler to get what you are seeking and facilitates overall editing process

3. Enhanced Internationalization

Without a shade of a doubt, WordPress is a wholly accepted popular CMS, employed in many non-English speaking countries. In earlier versions of the podium, if you required setup WordPress in other languages, then you would have to set up a local version of the software or yourself upload the translation files. With WordPress 4.0, installing WordPress in other languages becomes simpler. Users can decide the language for their site as the first step of the install process, and the rest of their setting up will continue in selected language. This is truly a great advantage for those users who speak languages other than English.

4. Post Editor Developments

The scroll bar in post editor of WordPress 4.0 has also been enhanced offering better writing experience. Now it comes packed with an elegant editor that resizes it cleverly, in order to suit the dimension of a browser. Presently, the menu bar in the editor sticks to the top that facilitates content writing.

5. Superior Plugin Install Experience

Plugins searching and examining details have also become much simpler in the newest version of WordPress. Rather than plugins list within the search field there are now columns with supposed plugin cards. Besides, there are some extra details incorporated like how many downloads a plugin has, the last time a plugin was updated etc.).

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